Web Design Service Providers – Web Developer, Graphic Designer or Web Designer?

As the demand of websites increase, the number of service providers goes on increasing.

Web designers seem to mushroom everywhere on the internet. Now when a business realizes how important it is to have a website, it becomes necessary to get a website. The business has two options; either develop the website without any professional assistance or avail the services of a professional web design service provider. Most of the businesses opt in for the latter alternative.

Now when you want to get the website prepared by a third party, you need to be very careful at selection of the service provider. The current website design market is such that everyone who know even a bit about website designing has jumped on to the bandwagon and claims to provide the best web design services.

Usually you will come across three types of professionals.

Web Developers

These professionals are usually concerned with the development of web applications that operate on a web browser form a web server. They are good at coding in various languages like HTTP.

The results of the services provided by these professionals prove to be good at functionality, speed, compatibility and validation. The resultant website may not be very appealing or attractive. The visual content especially the graphics may not be as expected. The website may be search engine friendly but may not be so user friendly.

Graphic Designers

These types of service providers are usually good at designing excellent visual content of the websites. They are excellent at converting the ideas of the business into graphic images and animations. The services of graphic designers is needed where a lot of visual creativity is needed especially website pertaining to kids toys, textiles, ornaments and cosmetics.

The result of the services of graphic designers is very attractive, but there are three negative aspects too. A lot of visual content can decrease the speed of downloading. This can have a negative impact on indexing of search engine list. On the other hand there is no use of an attractive website that fails to convert the visitor into a buyer.

Web Designers

These professionals are a blend of web developers and graphic designers. These professionals are good at not only coding and latest technology but also good at making the website attractive enough to be remembered for a long time.

When a web designer takes the task of designing any website, he/she approaches the task from the perspective of the user and not the website owner. The resultant website is user friendly as well as search engine friendly. The layout is simple and attractive. The navigation is made very easy so that the visitor finds it very easy to find what he/she is searching for.

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Graphic Design Outsourcing Tips That You Should Know

Graphic design is a well known process in the field of business. The success of a business lies on the advertisement with attraction. To bring attraction the creativity is much important. To enjoy the creativity one can appoint a graphic designer as his employee but the frequent need of graphic design would not occur. Hence the appointment of a graphic designer is waste sometimes. The way to satisfy the need of a company on graphic design they can outsource the graphic design through some familiar concerns.

When we depute the graphic design for outsourcing, the person taking contract to do the graphic design will certainly workout the nature, prospects and advantages, theme and sources of the company or concern. Complete study over the company will help the outsourced graphic designer to create something impressive advertisements, postures, television display, and web designing and so on. The entire responsibilities are deputed through outsourcing of graphic designs. As such quality in graphic design can be expected with confident.

Marketing a product need lot of technical support from advertising agencies and that too from graphic designers. A well settled graphic designer can quickly observe the thoughts and means of a manufacturer or seller and will set the design accordingly. So much the impression created in the graphic design that much customers will step into the organization from which the graphic design is delivered. The moment the graphic designs attracts people, the concern get enquiries and sales. Outsourcing in the field of animation is gradually increased. The most advantage of outsourcing graphic design is that the cost spent is reduced and expected quality is achieved. The outsourcing process in graphic design has increased tremendously. Especially in US, East Asia and well developed countries have started outsourcing the graphic designs in large numbers.

In communication wing, yellow page makers set their task of graphic designs to outsourcing. The main object of the companies or manufacture is to cut the cost of labor by outsourcing its process to some familiar outsourcing companies. On the other hand a company or manufacturer can depute his time entirely on business developments. Graphic design outsourcing is globally needed as the market strategies urges lowering the cost of production and other expenses related to that. By outsourcing the graphic designs of a company the image and identity is increased so much as people could have enquiry about the product and started buying.

In modern days people are waiting for something new. To satisfy their needs, a manufacturer has to deliver his product by giving proper and impressive advertisements and publicity. Where to get such creative advertisement? The only source is from graphic designs. A wise man will give all his graphic designs to outsourcing and sit comfortably without worrying for labor problems, salary factor, and many more. World wide opportunities are there in plenty for graphic design outsourcing to meet out the large number of opportunities in this field. In film industry outsourcing of movies with creativity is most welcomed by viewers. Now in internet we can see so many companies opting themselves for taking contract in outsourcing of graphic designs.

Magic of Graphics and Audio in E-Learning

Graphics and Audio are an integral part of e-learning development. More than just being eye-candy, Graphics can enhance learning for learners who prefer to learn visually. Similarly, Audio provides an option of auditory learning if the learner so wishes. Designing online training with rapid authoring tools is simple and straightforward.

In addition they can provide an easy way to integrate audio and graphics into custom e-learning content. Thus learning solutions can be impactful and yet made quickly.

Tips on developing Graphics:

  • Using a lot of graphics can certainly enhance the learning delivery. At the same time, it is important to find a balance between no graphics and too many graphics. If there are too many visuals on a single page, the learner may find it very distracting and it can be a deterrent to learning.
  • Standards of placement of images have been followed for a while and are easily recognized by most learners. For instance, the logos on the top-left and interactive elements like ‘next’ or ‘stop’ or ‘pause’ on the bottom-right. It is best to follow these rules for e-learning development as most learners have come to expect it in all learning courses.
  • Visual appeal of the screen should be enhanced by graphics. Most graphics are compatible with all e-learning software, though the screen size and resolution of the viewing device can be kept in mind when creating graphics for custom e-learning.
  • Colors set the ‘tone’ of the training as serious, didactic or informal. Once this tone is set, it is necessary to maintain it through the course of the training. Similarly, fonts and sizes should also be kept in mind when developing graphics.
  • Graphics and text should be together to aid learners. It is proven that text alone is too bland for learners to comprehend and learn from. On their own, graphics cannot be too relevant. It is when they come together that they weave magic!

Tips on creating Audio:

  • Audio very well with text-heavy courses and can provide the much needed ‘relief’. There are many kinds of audio that are used in e-learning – Narrations, Voice-overs, Sound effects and even Music.
  • Audio need not always mirror text in e-learning. That is sometimes the best way to strengthen the impact of what was written – but not always.
  • Audio on its own can be a powerful tool for learning. Many e-learning developers are now increasingly relying on audio to deliver learning than just textual content. In fact, many prefer to develop courses which have power visuals and accompanying audio – and no text at all!
  • However, not all learners may prefer to learn through just audio or find it distracting. So audio should always be provided as a choice. The learner should be able to turn it off if he or she so wishes.
  • Audio-transcripts should also be provided to make sure that even if the learner does not or for some reason, cannot hear the audio voiceover, the transcript acts as a backup
  • Accents are important in an audio voice over and should be able to connect with the learner. Local artists should be used to create authentic audio voiceovers. This also makes certain that the audio is best understood. It is best to keep a balance between male and female speakers to address a learner group that constitutes both the genders.

For impactful e-learning development and delivery, it is necessary that developers keep in mind the needs of the learners. For learners of all profiles, graphics and audio are powerful tools of learning and utilizing them can truly benefit them all.