Website Development, Graphic Design and Branding

Computers and laptops have dropped in price dramatically over the last two five years or so. This giving more people the chance to create and design websites. However do these people know how to use these tools correctly? Why do some websites get better ratings than others? Why are some web designers more successful than others?

You should always have a basic idea in your head of what is required of the website you are designing, even if it’s just a website being designed for fun. Whether it’s an e-commerce website or a website just for fun, it is important to have an image of what you want to accomplish at the end of the project. Consider ways you can make your site unique to stand out from the crowd. On the other hand you need to ensure you don’t over do it and put people off of your site by making it too busy.

Logos help to give the site an identity and something people will remember it by. The logo doesn’t have to be complicated at all. Sometimes simple is better. Colour plays a key role in graphic design. Logo development can be the hardest part when designing a website. So getting a good solid base of a logo and what your client wants on their logo is important. If you cannot contrast colours well then the logo or web page may look unprofessional or put people off from visiting the page.

If there is a lack of communication it can make logo and brand development etc very difficult. Without it ideas cannot be shared with each other. The better you know your client the better you understand there personality and what they are looking for. To make your company stand above the rest you have to be unique, find a niche and attract different companies to you simply through word of mouth. This in the long run making your company or yourself as an individual more successful.

Don’t be afraid to use other work out there for inspiration just don’t copy. Firstly because they may have copy writes on their work. You might find you end up in court otherwise. Consider the person that put the work in, it is cheap and lazy so don’t do it.

Look at the current market research before starting your work. Look at the most up to date technologies that are new to the market. Search around for new technologies and software that will make the jobs like coding and graphic design easier. Once you have purchased anything to save you time and hassle you will own it and it can be used again and again saving you money and time. On creating your website links, photo’s videos etc should be used. These features are all designed to get people more involved, by learning from one another and inspiring each other.